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Mission & Vision

Our mission

The European Research University is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation whose mission is mainly to provide education in accredited undergraduate as well as postgraduate degree programmes, non-degree programmes and lifelong learning programmes, and to carry out related scientific research activities. Founded on the ideals of openness, inclusivity, equality, and respect for individual needs, the ERUNI is the only private university in the Czech Republic providing free education, built on the non-profit principle.

Studies at the ERUNI are highly individualised and students are involved in research activities from their undergraduate studies. The number of students at the ERUNI is limited as they go through a multi-round admission procedure during which, among other things, their aptitude for research is tested, and research activities and their connection with teaching in the accredited study programmes are a priority for the university. In addition to its research orientation, the ERUNI is characterised by a high degree of internationalisation, both in teaching and in other related activities, particularly in research. The ERUNI cooperates with universities all over the world and its researchers are involved in international research teams.

Our history

The European Research University was founded in 1999. At the beginning of its existence, the institution implemented various educational programmes accredited by the government and participated in the implementation of educational, development and investment projects, including international ones. In 2008, we were granted state approval by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to operate as a private higher education institution. Since that year, we have successively obtained a number of accreditations for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, as well as lifelong learning programmes.

The transformation to a higher education institution of a university-type took place in 2023 only after two years of demanding proceedings and assessments by the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education, which included the validation of all relevant areas, in particular the educational and research activities, or the international aspects. Currently, ERUNI offers all degree programmes, including doctoral studies. The year 2023 was a turning point for the university, not only because it gained the university status, but also because since that year it has gradually launched several branches of research and international institutes, not only in the Ostrava metropolitan area, but also in London and Prague.

Our structure

The European Research University leads also several other higher educational institutions that provide vocational education. There exist 24 study and educational programmes with valid accreditations, of which 14 are accredited under the Higher Education Act of the Czech Republic for bachelor’s, follow-up master’s and doctoral studies, always proportionally implemented in Czech and English languages. The university offers 6 educational programmes in lifelong learning accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The organisational units with their own legal personality established by the ERUNI offer 4 study programmes that are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Actually, around 1,500 students are currently studying at the ERUNI and its organisational units, and almost 5,000 students are studying in the entire PRIGO Group, which the university is a part of.

The PRIGO University College, which is the university’s basic organisational unit, organises Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes, non-degree and lifelong learning programmes. Doctoral studies are organised by the ERUNI’s Faculty of Doctoral Studies. Diplomas and academic degrees in all study and educational programmes are issued by the European Research University based on government approval, the Higher Education Act of the Czech Republic and other relevant regulations. Diplomas and non-academic degrees of the organisational units with legal personality are issued by the organisational units under the Education Act and other relevant regulations.

ERUNI and its organizational units carry out their educational and research activities in the metropolitan areas of Ostrava, Prague and London.

Our students

The ERUNI’s non-profit nature and the values we espouse motivate us to offer the opportunity to apply for a social programme for talented students to those interested in a truly high-quality university education that is an equivalent to education at top global private universities. Students can also receive attractive merit or scientific scholarships. We accept students who want to develop and work on themselves, get involved in the classes and project activities from the moment they start their studies and who want to take part in extracurricular activities. Therefore, all applicants to the studies at the university pass an entrance examination, the purpose of which is to check the applicants’ prerequisites and motivation to study. The admissions process takes into account the applicant’s motivation letter or video, in which they emphasise their past achievements, prerequisites and motivation to study. This is subsequently verified during a face-to-face motivational interview. An important requirement for the applicants is to submit a writing sample in form of a short essay on a current social or economic topic, which substitutes the admission tests.

Our vision

In our vision, the European Research University is an internationally respected institution that achieves excellent results in the field of accredited study programmes and that has a good position in the world university rankings, particularly in relation to the quality of teaching and its connection with research activities. Its graduates are successful later in life and the results of research are socially relevant. We strive that the graduates have a natural sense for social responsibility and that they accept the challenges associated with life in a multi-cultural environment, with the development of new technologies and sustainability of economic growth. The fundamental element for fulfilling the goals of the European Research University is primarily the stable and loyal core of academics with a high standard of expertise and an appropriate age structure who share common visions and values. The university also cooperates with the business and public sectors as well as with charities and volunteers.

And a little bit more

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports grants the ERUNI with official status of a research organisation, which demonstrates that the university meets the defining characteristics of an organisation for research and dissemination of knowledge as established by the regulations of the European Union. This enables further development of scientific, research and other creative activities. The university conducts excellent research and is the holder of the prestigious HR Excellence in Research Award, which proves our professional care for researchers.

At the European Research University, we present ourselves as an international higher education institution with students from all over the world. A significant share of foreign teaching and other academic staff work at the ERUNI. The university has developed cooperation in the European mobility programme ERASMUS+ as well as with other universities in Europe and beyond. Project and publishing activities are exclusively international. As part of our lifelong learning programmes, we prepare the students of our Bachelor’s programmes for the Master’s and Doctoral studies at the best world universities, and we arrange meetings with graduates, students and academic staff from the world’s elite universities.

The European Research University actively participates in the self-administration of higher education institutions and is a member of the Council of Higher Education Institutions. The Rector of the European Research University is also an active member of the Czech Rectors Conference.