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The European Research University is a distinguished non-governmental, non-profit organisation primarily focused on providing accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, as well as non-degree and lifelong learning programmes. Founded on principles of openness, inclusivity, equality, and respect for individual needs,  the ERUNI stands as the sole private university in the Czech Republic offering tuition-free education based on non-profit principles.
The ERUNI prioritises highly individualised studies, involving students in research activities from their undergraduate years. Admission is selective, emphasizing research aptitude and integrating research within accredited study programmes. Renowned for its research focus, the ERUNI maintains a strong international presence in teaching and research, collaborating with universities worldwide and participating in international research teams. Since its inception in 1999, the ERUNI has evolved, gaining government recognition in 2008 and transitioning into a university-type higher education institution in 2023 after rigorous accreditation process. Operating alongside affiliated educational institutions within the PRIGO group, ERUNI currently serves approximately
1,500 students, upholding its commitment to excellence in education and research, while promoting social responsibility and international collaboration.

Founded on principles of openness, inclusivity,
equality, and respect for individual needs


The European Research University is open to cooperation with researchers and academics from all over the world, as long as they share our values and mission and if they respect our strategic goals. If interested in working as part of our university team, please contact Lenka Fabíková, Dean of the Faculty of Doctoral Studies and Head of our research institutes.

Part of the PRIGO Group, which includes
9 member schools with nearly 5,000 students


The European Research University is part of the PRIGO group, which includes 9 member schools. It operates in several campuses, most of which are located in the Ostrava agglomeration, but also in Olomouc and in the capital city of Prague. Thus, students have at their disposal various workplaces equipped with standard facilities, including sports and cultural facilities, ICT laboratories, libraries, study rooms, canteens, cafeterias and others. A mock kindergarten is available to students of the early childhood education programmes.


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