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Organizational Structure

The European Research University is governed by the Rector and Vice-Rector. Rector’s Collegium is her advisory body. Other councils and boards also comment on university’s activities. The ERUNI is organized into three units, which are the PRIGO University College that provides the majority of degree programmes and continuing education, the Faculty of Doctoral Studies, and the PRIGO College Olomouc that provides non-academic vocational education programmes. The ERUNI also includes the ERUNI Open Research institute with offices in Ostrava and Prague, International Office, the Institute of Lifelong Learning and a specialized university workplace for work with students with special educational needs ENIGMA. The academic staff is divided into several departments.

Rector & Management

Linda Foltýnová
Deputy Vice-Rector

Rector's Collegium

Assoc. Prof. Zuzana Machová, Ph.D. – Rector
Prof. Igor Kotlán, Ph.D. et Ph.D. – Vice-Rector
Linda Foltýnová – Deputy Vice-Rector
Emil Adámek, Ph.D. – Dean of PRIGO University College
Lenka Fabíková – Dean of Faculty of Doctoral Studies
Natalie Uhrová, Ph.D. – Directress of Institute of Lifelong Learning
Pavla Kuchařová – Head of Rector’s Office

Boards & Councils

The quality and ethical issues of teaching and research activities at the ERUNI are overseen by several boards and councils, which are composed of both internal and mainly external members who are eminent academics from various EU and non-EU countries.

Departments & Workplaces

Department of Economics & Economic Policy

The Department of Economics and Economic Policy is the primary workplace of the European Research University which guarantees eight key academically oriented bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral study programmes in the field of economic disciplines and the teaching of most of their main courses within study plans. The members of the department focus mainly on topics in macroeconomics, economic policy and public administration in their research activities. The department has six professors, three associate professors and eighteen other academic staff.

Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences participates in the teaching of non-economic subjects in the study programmes oriented towards economic disciplines. In cooperation with the Institute of Lifelong learning, it focuses on guaranteeing professional educational programmes, particularly in the field of pedagogy. The department has two associate professors and twenty-one other academic staff.

Research Institutes

The ERUNI Open Research is a university research institute that carries out mainly basic, but also applied and contract research. Its mission is to conduct research that is socially relevant and to transfer it effectively into teaching. Efforts are also devoted to the popularization of research and dissemination of its results. The Institute operates in two locations, in the capital city of Prague and in the Ostrava agglomeration, where the university’s headquarters are also located.

Prof. Max Gillman, PhD
ERUNI Open Research Prague

Lenka Fabíková
ERUNI Open Research Ostrava

International Office

The International Office is a department whose task is to support all activities related to the internationalization of the European Research University. It ensures cooperation with our partner universities worldwide, whether it is cooperation in the field of education or scientific research activities. Its staff are the main coordinators of the activities implemented within the Erasmus+ programme and in general of all international exchanges, including both study and work stays and internships of students and staff.

Marta Blaštíková
IO contact person

Institute of Lifelong Learning

Institute of Lifelong Learning is a university workplace that offers, provides and organises lifelong learning programmes in cooperation with the heads of the departments. It provides professional educational programmes and other continuing education activities.

European Research University is a member of the Czech Association of MBA Schools (CAMBAS), which has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1998. It is an interest association of legal entities that aims to promote the quality of MBA study programmes and contribute to the development of this globally recognised form of lifelong learning in the Czech Republic. The main activity of CAMBAS is the accreditation of MBA study programmes according to internationally recognised standards. CAMBAS is a member of the international association EQUAL, which brings together major accreditation agencies active in the field of management study programmes. EQUAL members include AACSB, AMBA, EFMD, FIBAA and GMAC.
The Institute also organises programmes in the field of continuing education, in particular the University of the Third Age, which is primarily intended for retirees. It also guarantees the Competences for Master’s Degree (CMD) programme.

ERUNI Networking Institute for Growth and Mutual Assistance

ENIGMA – the ERUNI Networking Institute for Growth and Mutual Assistance is a special university workplace for those students and applicants who need support for various reasons. The first area is working with exceptionally gifted students, i.e., those whose distribution of abilities reaches an extraordinary level of high creativity across a range of activities or in particular areas of intellectual ability. The second area is to support students with special educational needs, whom we seek to better integrate into their studies at our university.

ENIGMA, our centre for working with students with special educational needs:

  • Diagnoses exceptional giftedness and special educational needs of students
  • Suggests support, compensatory and other measures for students with identified exceptional giftedness or special educational needs, including applicants for study