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Tomasz Czapran, Ph.D.

CMD Programme Coordinator
Tomasz Czapran is a member of the Department of Economics and Economic Policy and the main coordinator of the Competences for Master’s Degree programme and Administrator of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at PRIGO University College. He holds a PhD degree in Management from the University of Economics in Prague (Faculty of Business Administration). He is a manager with 15 years of experience in sales and strategic management. He gained his experience in five different countries : the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Turkey and the UK, working for Oracle Corporation, Cisco Systems, BMW, Oras Group, and SGS GmbH, among others.



The Prague University of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, the Institute of Economics and Management, 2017 

Master’s Degree 

The Opole University of Technology (Poland), The Faculty of Management and Production Engineering, 2007  


2022–present, ERUNI, Coordinator of the programme Competences for Master’s Degree, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Administrator 

2021–2022, ORAS GROUP, CRM Specialist 

2017–2021, Archman SP. Z O.O., Sales Director DACH Region, Sales Director Poland 

2019–2020, Riverland Reply GmbH (BMW Project), CRM trainer, Germany 

2015–2022, College of Economics and Computer Science in Krakow (Poland), Head of the Department of Management and Accounting, Head of Technology Park, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advisor, Senior lecturer 

20152016,, Senior Account Executive, Poland 

2013–2020, Metropolitan University Prague 

2013–2015, Oracle Corporation, Tech GB Territory Sales Representative, Czech Republic 

2011–2012, Cisco Systems, Inc., Virtual Partner Account Manager, Czech Republic 

2008–2009, GeoVision, Account Manager, Czech Republic 

2007–2008, SGS Germany GmbH, Marketing department, Germany 

Publications (last 5 years, selected)

CZAPRAN, T. Applying the concept of diversity management in IT and robotics organisations. The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2023. ISBN 978-619-245-317-6.

CZAPRAN, T. Management and Society 5.0. Social Development and Security, 2023, 13(4), p. 81-90. ISSN 2522-9842.

CZAPRAN, T. Motivation and development of employees on the example of companies from different sectors. Journal of Scientific Papers “Social Development and Security”, 2023, 13(3), p. 85-97. ISSN 2522-9842.

CZAPRAN, T., & BOCHENEK, J., T. Managing gender, age and disability diversity in an organization on the example of a robotics company. Journal of Scientific Papers “Social Development and Security”, 2022, 12(6), p. 116-130. ISSN 2522-9842.

CZAPRAN, T. Diversity Management: Analysis of the Impact of National Culture on Organisational Culture. 7TH INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE IFRS: GLOBAL RULES AND LOCAL USE – BEYOND THE NUMBERS, 2019, p. 346-364. ISBN 978-80-87956-96-0.


Running marathons and half marathons, Travelling, Learning new Languages and Cultures